Postal charges to rise

Australia Post has announced that the postal charge for domestic parcels over 500g will rise as of the 2nd March 2015.

How does that affect us?

It will not affect seed deliveries as they weight well under 500g nor will it affect seedlings that can fit in a small box or medium sized postal tube. It will affect postage on mature plants as they generally weight around 1kg and it will affect larger seedlings that weigh over 500g.

What are the new charges?

The new charges are made up of:

  1.        A basic charge – $10.05 for destinations in the same state and $12.85 for interstate destinations PLUS
  2.        Distance charge per kg.

A box of 3 mature plants weighing 3kg travelling from Clivia Market to Brisbane will cost $12.85 PLUS $1.45 x 3 = $.4.35. Total price $17.20.

The following link is the Australia Post list of charges per state and zones within Australia –

How do we work out the postage for plants on Clivia Market?

We have recently implemented a new module to the checkout on Clivia Market that returns the costs in real-time from Australia Post. This means that based on the dimensions and weight of a plant or plants in your shopping cart, your postcode, and that the parcel will be sent from Lilydale in Victoria, the software works out the postage and displays it to you. It also displays a few options that you may wish to choose including Express Post, Signature on Delivery etc.

Are there any additional charges for packaging or handling?

We do not charge any handling fees nor do we charge for the small boxes, custom boxes or postal tubes used to send plants out.


New website launch

The new look website for Clivia Market is finally live.

What began as a Paypal error when trying to make payments, ended up a full software upgrade, new hosting provider, new website design and a never ending amount of problems.

Fingers are crossed that we have ironed out all bugs and problems, but please do let me know if you encounter anything amiss during your visit. This website will continue to be a work in progress for some time to come.

All visitors who have registered on the website prior to the upgrade will need to reset your password. This is a simple process. Just go to the Forgot Password link and enter your email address. A password will be emailed to you. You can then login and change your password to your own choice. My apologies for this but it seemed the safest way to move passwords from one server to another. This is the link to reset your password –

Let’s hope there are no more software upgrades for some time to come.

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