Clivia Society Membership

I am the Australian Representative of the Clivia Society based in South Africa.

Members of the Clivia Society receive an annual Yearbook which is a beautiful publication with photos and articles. They also receive quarterly newsletters and have access to other publications.

Anyone interested in becoming a member, please download the membership application form and send back the completed form with fees.

Fees (AUD $) for 2019 are:

  • One calendar year $35
  • Student discount one year $17.50

Payment methods are as follows:

  • Cheque, money order or bank cheque made out to Lisa Fox. Sent to 88 Mangans Road, Lilydale, VIC 3140
  • Bank transfer to Account name: Lisa Fox BSB: 063853 Account #: 10090099. Please use your surname as the transaction description.
  • Via Paypal directly to the Clivia Society. Use the email – PAYMENTS VIA PAYPAL MUST BE IN US DOLLARS (US$25 or US$65)

Contact me with any questions – Lisa Fox
PH: 0417 087 667


2 thoughts on “Clivia Society Membership”

  1. Hello Lisa,
    I have quite a few Clivias and this season I have battkled many problems for the first time ever…
    I have had mould on some Red Weis, rotting central straps, and flowers coming into bud with rotting petals… I have tried many of the standard sprays and nothing seemed to work.
    I have three full bed ( crowded) with yellow Clivia, and some also in pots… I also have some red Weiss which I transplanted, about twenty pots…
    Also some of the straps on both types have rusted ends… Help!!

    1. Hi Julianne,
      it is difficult to find a solution without seeing them. It also can have something to do with where you are located. For example, I am in the Melbourne area and this season a few growers have found that the extended long period of cold we experienced has caused some rotted buds and malformed buds. I even have some plants where the buds are completely gone or there are flowers with petals missing. I heard that there were some problems in NSW as well.

      If you have had a ton of rain, it is possible that some plants have become water-logged and some rot has developed.If that is the case you will need to cut out all of the rotted material. Use scissors or a knife and remove all damaged tissue, even if it means taking the plant back to a stump. A good spray to use is Mancozeb which is available at Bunnings. I use Mancozeb or Sulphur Powder directly onto the parts I have had to cut away as a dry powder or as a thick paste (adding a few drops of water). If it is rot, it can take years for the plant to re-establish unfortunately. You mention crowded garden beds. Make sure there is plenty of air flow between the plants as this will help keep rot from developing.

      A spray of Mancozeb should also help the rust from spreading but the ends of the leaves will not improve. Best to cut them back below the rust. You can do this and cut the ends to the same shape as the other leaves so it is less noticeable.

      Lisa Fox

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